Loft Ledge
Truss Shelving Kit

Significantly increases storage in your loft,

creating additional shelving between trusses and avoiding insulation compression.


What is a Loft Ledge?


The Loft Ledge is an easy and convenient solution that 
maximises the potential storage space in your trussed roof.


The Loft Ledge creates a useful shelf in the normally unused space between trusses above the insulation.  It is designed with enough in-built flexibility to fit all standard modern roof truss constructions*.


The Loft Ledge comes as a complete loft shelving kit with 2 brackets, a chipboard shelf and four screws. No cutting, no mess and no stress.


The Loft Ledge is also manufactured and assembled in the UK from recycled materials.

* The Loft Ledge has been designed to fit between trusses at 600mm centres. It also has 'in-built' flexibility that allows it to fit any gap between 539mm and 580mm



Creates a convenient shelf in a trussed roof loft

Loft shelving kit includes everything required, including chipboard and screws

Manufactured in the UK from recycled materials


Loft Shelving Fitting Instructions

Step by Step Guide:



Loft Ledge Fitting Guide Pdf



Fitting Guide

Loft Ledge Fitting Guide Videos






Installing the Loft Ledge
DIY Doctor Fitting Guide and Review

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Loft Ledge FAQs

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Loft Ledge
Designed to be used with a loft leg platform

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Loft Ledge Pack Contents

Loft Ledge Pack contains brackets, chipboard and screws