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East Lancashire business duo sell product to national chain

AN East Lancashire business duo are celebrating after securing a lucrative deal to sell their

product in a national DIY chain.

Gareth Storey and Matthew Driver, co-founders of Nelson-based Loft Leg Ltd, are hoping sales

will go through the roof after their primary product – the Loft Leg – hit the shelves in more than

200 Wickes stores across the country.

The Loft Leg, created by architectural designer Gareth as a way to combat loft storage problems,

while minimising insulation compression, was launched in June 2011. Wickes bosses were so

impressed by the innovative product, which lifts the loft floor by 175mm, they signed a deal

to retail it from the store’s foyers, and online. The company, which employs four people, has

already enjoyed a successful year with online sales soaring – so much so, they’ve had to double

production over winter to meet demand.

Gareth said: “The past year-and-a-half has been fantastic in terms of growing our business and

getting Loft Leg to market.

“We are excited to launch Loft Leg in Wickes stores nationwide.

“We always knew the Loft Leg was a great product, but it is so exciting to see it being

recognised, and we are delighted by the support of Wickes.

“It’s a huge coup for us to have landed such a fantastic deal.

“It is insulation season at the moment, so we always anticipated an increase in sales.

“However, sales have far exceeded our expectations and we have doubled our capacity to keep

up with the demand.

“We anticipate that a third tool to make more Loft Legs will be up and running soon.”

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