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3 Reasons to Tap Into Your Potential Loft Storage Space

Storage space getting tight? Check out our helpful article to find out why you should be looking into using your loft for storage. 

Are you constantly looking for more storage space around your home? Have you run out of places to store your occasionally used belongings? If so, then now may be the time to consider loft storage!

Boarding your loft can provide ample storage space with very little investment. Rather than allowing the space to go unused, you should be making the most of it.

Are you unsure if boarding your loft space is the right decision for you? There are many benefits of doing so, continue reading to learn more!

Add Up to 50% More Floor Space

When you board your loft space, in some cases you can add up to 50% more floor space in your home! Of course, this depends on how large your loft is and the configuration of your home. Either way, it increases the amount of useable space you have, which means significantly more available storage space.

Increases Home Value

Adding more floor space in your home also means adding value, which is one of the many excellent reasons to use your loft. If you're able to use it, then you're adding square footage to your home.

Additional useable square footage means your home could be more valuable when it comes to sell it. Potential home buyers will appreciate the extra storage space, which they may view as a selling point.

Declutter Habitable Rooms

Do you find that your bedroom(s) and living room are cluttered with items that are rarely used? When you have to store your belongings in your habitable rooms they can get cluttered very easily.

Storing seasonal items or personal belongings that you don’t use regularly in a loft can help free up some of the storage space in the habitable rooms, creating a feeling of space and of being organised. Start by removing the items that are only used once or twice a year or never regularly used and consider placing them in your loft out of the way.

Although your garage might offer some storage space you'll need to share it with large items such as bikes, tools, and your more importantly vehicles.

Loft storage can provide the extra space required to have your closets and garage back for their original purpose, and your habitable rooms will be much less cluttered.

Can You Benefit From Loft Storage?

After reading through this guide, are you ready to get started with loft storage? Remember, a loft can be the perfect storage space and it is not expensive to create.

At Loft Leg we help you create bright, well-organised, and energy-efficient lofts to meet all your storage needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!


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