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About Loft Leg

The Story…

The Loft Leg is a simple low cost solution that allows homeowners to achieve UK government recommended insulation height and have storage in their lofts.


The Loft Leg was the first product of its kind in the market and has become the industry standard.


As an architectural designer by trade, Gareth Storey, Co-founder of Loft Leg was the one behind the initial idea. Having issued the instruction to countless clients to top up their loft insulation to the guideline amount of 270mm he quickly realised, as did his clients, that customers lost the vital storage potential of their loft.


With loft storage being an essential in homes across the UK and Loft insulation becoming even more prevalent with the rise in energy prices, the answer - to raise the storage deck above the level of insulation, allowing it to remain 100% efficient. Having had the initial idea, Gareth took it to his friend and now business partner, Matthew Driver.


As a Product Developer in his own business, Matthew together with Gareth developed what we now know as the Loft Leg.


Made from 100% recycled material, the Loft Leg is manufactured entirely in the UK. Its journey to market began as an online product with retail giants, Wickes and Tool Station and is now available in hundreds of stores all over the UK.


Now you know the story behind the Loft Leg, it is time to meet the team that make it such a success.


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