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Loft Lid
Downlight Cover


Fire retardant downlight cover for safe, energy efficient installation of downlights in the loft. 


What is Loft Lid?



















The Loft Lid is a simple solution for the safe installation of downlights in a loft space. 


The Loft Lid creates a protective barrier or cover over downlights ensuring loft insulation does not directly contact the light fitting and that there is sufficient ventilation around the light for heat dissipation.


The Loft Lid also eliminates heat loss and air leakage into the loft space and allows for a continuous layer of insulation to be laid over the top of the lid to comply with current building regulations.


The unique shape enables the product to be easily installed even when downlights are located close to roof joists or trusses and provides sufficient volume for all major brands of downlighters up to a maximum power rating of 50W*.


The Loft Lid also creates an effective dust, acoustic and pest/insect seal and is extremely easy to install.  Better still it is designed and manufactured in the UK, made from fire retardant material and has been tested and approved to British Standards by the UK Lighting Industry Association

* Please note that Dichroic bulbs are NOT suitable for use in a loft. Click here for more information.  Please check the lamp manufacturers installation instructions to ensure the Loft Lid is suitable.

downlights for loft

Creates a safe, airtight cover over downlights in a loft

Reduces heat loss and drafts through ceiling

Reduces the risk of downlights overheating

Complies with current building regulations and tested to all relevant British Standards

Loft Lid Technical Specifications

Internal Dimensions:


lid outline 2020.png




External Dimensions


External Dimensions:


lid outline 2020.png




Manufactured in the UK from fire retardant material

Tested and Approved to:

BS EN 60695-2-11

BS EN 60695 -11-5

BS EN 60598-1 (Clause 12.4)


*Tested with a 50W downlight


Suitable for all downlights with a max power of 50W and with dimensions less than the above internal dimensions


Tested and approved for use in domestic lofts by the UK Lighting Industry Association

Loft Lid Fitting Guide

Loft Lid Fitting Instructions




1. Install downlight according

to manufacturers instructions

2. Apply continous layer of sealant to bottom lip

3. Press down Loft Lid to 

secure in position

4. Lay insulation around and over Loft Lid

Fitting Guide
download loft lid instructions
Loft Leg recommend the following all purpose sealants:
Wickes Unibond All Purpose Universal Sealant (product code 215343) - click here 
Wickes All Purpose Silicone Sealant (product code 215358) - click here

Fitting close to joists and trusses:

The Loft Lid has been designed to fit over downlights even when they are located close to joists and trusses.  Simply orientate the lid into the best position and follow the fitting instructions above.


Along the joist


Along the joist


Perpendicular to the joist


along joist.png
perpendicular joist.png

Loft Lid Fitting Guide Movies





How to fit Loft Lid




DIY Doctor Fitting Guide and Review
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Loft Lid FAQs

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