Loft Light
Battery Powered LED 

Instantly illuminates your loft without wiring

with an ultra-bright, battery powered LED light equivalent to a 32 Watt bulb.

What is a Loft Light?















The Loft Light is an ultra bight, battery powered LED light bulb that lluminates a loft instantly.


The Loft Light requires no electrical wiring and can be screwed directly to any timber element in the Loft (roof truss, rafter, purlin or noggin).


Utilising the latest in LED technology the Loft Light provides the equivalent illumination of a 32 Watt bulb with a battery life of up to 4 years*.


The Loft Light includes a 2m long pull string, reflective strip and screws for convenient installation and operation. Batteries not included (3 x D batteries).


The Loft Light is CE certified, RoHs and WEEE compliant. * Based on 20 minutes of use per month.



Ultra-bright 320 Lumen battery powered LED bulb

Illuminates a loft without mains electricity

Easy to install and operate

Fitting Instructions

6 simple steps to a lighter loft





Fitting Guide








Fitting Guide







Remove Back
Remove back cover
by pressing button
Install batteries in correct orientation (3 x D batteries) and secure with Velcro straps
Screw Cover
Screw through back cover to truss/rafter convenient to loft hatch
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Loft Light Attached
Attach Loft Light to back cover using the location tabs along top edge and click into position
Loft Light Pull String
Adjust length of pull string and attach reflective strip
Loft Light Fitted and Illuminated
Pull string to illuminate
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Fitting Guide


Loft Light Fitting Guide Videos





Installing the Loft Light
DIY Doctor Fitting Guide and Review

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Loft Light FAQs

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Loft Light
Designed to be used with a loft leg platform

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