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High-Quality Battery Powered Attic Lights

Loft Leg Ltd. produces high-quality battery-powered attic lights to lighten your loft area. Our products enhance lofts in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, and other regions of the UK. We strive to help homeowners and homebuilders to create their perfect loft space. Our Loft Light provides the equivalent illumination of a 32 Watt bulb with a battery life of up to 4 years. Through our Loft Light, we help you save energy, time, and money while illuminating your loft space. Our Loft Light is easy to install and requires no electrical wiring, making it a simple process. Backed by a commitment to excellence, we produce high-quality lights and aim to make the transformation seamless. Enlist the team at Loft Leg Ltd. to help you with your latest home improvements. For more information on our battery-powered attic lights, contact Loft Leg Ltd. today!

Battery Powered Attic Lights


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Loft Ledge
Designed to be used with a loft leg platform

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