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Case Study - Small Area Boarding Out
Matt, Kingston Upon Thames

Matt decided to create a raised storage storage area in his loft using loft panels and Loft Legs.

The loft had recently been topped up with 270mm of insulation leaving the home well insulated but the loft useless.

Matt and his wife decided to create two useful raised loft storage areas.

They simply rolled back the 170mm top up layer of insulation, installed the Loft Legs and rolled the insulation back over the legs.  Wherever the insulation hit a leg a small slit with a Stanley knife was created and the insulated pushed down around the leg.  Care was taken not to squash the insulation.

Once the insulation and Loft Legs were down they secured the loft panels on top with a general purpose screw.  

The result - A quick, easy useful storage space above the insulation.  



Before Fitting Loft Legs insulation rolled back
Fitting Loft Legs
 finished project with insulation and loft boards
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