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Loft Boarding Solutions

Are you unsure of how to effectively board a loft to create more space? At Loft Leg Ltd., we provide Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, and the neighboring areas with loft solutions that illuminate your space and increase its functionality. We are dedicated to consistently create new, efficient ways to maximize your loft area. Through raised loft boards, you can keep your household belongings organized, so they do not cause clutter. Our team has extensive experience with lofts and can help you along the way in your renovation project. Loft Leg Ltd. has become the industry standard for raising loft storage platforms. We are proud to be trusted by energy companies, professional insulation installers, and homeowners throughout the UK. We are responsive to all questions and concerns and are passionate about helping DIY enthusiasts accomplish their goals. For more information on how to board a loft and how our solutions can assist you, contact Loft Leg Ltd. today. 

Loft Boarding Solutions


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Loft Ledge
Designed to be used with a loft leg platform

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Loft Leg

NEW Loft Light

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