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Efficient Lighting For Loft Ceilings

At Loft Leg Ltd., we specialize in lighting for loft ceilings to illuminate your entire space. Lofts are spaces that people can use for an array of purposes. From storage to practical use, family time, and more, lofts can help you reach your home improvement goals. Whether you are using it as an organizational space or a fully functioning area, it's essential to have reliable lighting fixtures. Loft Leg Ltd. serves Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, and the UK, with lighting solutions that illuminate your entire space. Our battery-powered light is simple and effective and equivalent to a 32 Watt bulb. The Loft Light requires no electrical wiring and can be screwed directly to any timber element in the loft for the utmost convenience. 
If you're looking to brighten your space, look to Loft Leg Ltd. for all of your needs. Contact Loft Leg Ltd. today with any questions you have, and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Lighting for Loft Ceilings


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Loft Ledge
Designed to be used with a loft leg platform

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