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Effective Loft Lighting Solutions

Are you looking to renovate your loft area with a better lighting system? At Loft Leg Ltd., we specialize in loft lighting solutions to illuminate your loft space. We proudly serve London, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, and surrounding areas in the UK. Our loft lighting is simple to utilize and can brighten up your loft space promptly. The Loft Light requires no electrical wiring and can be screwed directly to any timber in your loft. Our battery-powered LED light equivalent to a 32 Watt bulb, creating an abundance of light in your loft. The Loft Light includes a 2m long pull string, reflective strip, and screws for convenient installation and operation. If you're looking for a simple, effective solution to increase the lighting in your loft area, you can rely on Loft Leg Ltd. to deliver high-quality products.  To learn more about how our loft lighting solutions can illuminate your loft area, contact the professionals at Loft Leg Ltd. today! 

Loft Lighting Solutions


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Loft Ledge
Designed to be used with a loft leg platform

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