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Case Study - Full Loft Boarding Out
Rob Green - Bristol

When you think of a loft space the first thought that springs to mind probably isn’t one of beauty, however when lined with an army of Loft Legs this unexpected thought becomes a reality, as Rob Green in Bristol found out.



Rob is one of thousands of happy customers that have used the Loft Leg to solve the problem of raising the storage deck above the level of insulation, the only difference is that Rob happens to have an extremely photogenic loft!



As you can see from the photographs, Rob has opted to board and insulate his whole loft using in total eighty four Loft Legs, which is just over seven boxes.  Rob got his Loft Legs in place ahead of his free insulation being fitted however as you will see from Matt’s case study it is just as easy to roll back the insulation as you fit the Loft Legs. 



The Loft Leg is much more light weight than timber and due to the recycled material it is made from it will also take a screw just as timber would, making it extremely easy to work with. 

Rob commented:  “Overall, I couldn't fault the product; they were a lot less fuss than messing around chopping up lumps of 4x2" and went into place really well.”



As you can see from the final pictures below Rob now has an easily accessible loft space

“All boarded and ready to use, it really is very stable indeed - I've got no worries walking on it at all.”



Loft Legs are available through Wickes and Toolstation, sold in boxes of 12. Should you need any additional information on how many legs you will need please see ‘How many do I need’ area on our website, or alternatively get in touch at or call, 01282 861001.

Loft Legs in position before insulation
Loft insulation in position around Loft Legs
Loft flooring, boards or chipboard sheets installed on top of Loft Legs
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