Loft Leg
Attic Flooring Leg

Raises flooring above insulation to create a simple, safe, attic storage area.



Attic Flooring Leg

Over 8 Million Sold Worldwide!!!

What is an Attic Flooring Leg?

- Creates a raised attic floor above quilt or blown insulation

- Avoids insulation compression maintaining R values

- Strong enough to walk on and store up to 55lbs per 3 square feet*

- Easy fit DIY solution, finishes an attic quickly and cost effectively

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How many do I need?

Attic Legs are sold in boxes of 12


To calculate the number required follow the simple steps below:


1) Place 1 leg on each ceiling joist or truss
2) Place 1 leg at every board edge
Board width
3. Legs no more than 2ft/24 Inches apart*. Repeat.
2ft/24inches Max
*Minimum recommended deck thickness 3/4" plywood sheets

How to install Loft Legs?

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