Raises your new build loft floor by 300mm avoiding insulation compression, saving you energy and money.

Loft Leg XL

For New Build Homes


What is Loft Leg XL?


The Loft Leg XL is a unique solution to avoid insulation compression when using your new build home's loft for storage.

Government guidelines recommend that we insulate with 270mm of quit insulation to achieve a U value of 0.16W/m2K (www.energysavingtrust.org.uk). However new build homes can be installed with up to 400mm of insulation to meet stricter insulation targets.

Thermal studies have shown that compressing your insulation can reduce its thermal properties by more than 50%.


A 300mm Loft Leg XL fixed on top of a 100mm truss or ceiling joist provides a cost effective solution. 


Developed by a team of engineers and designers the Loft Leg XL is strong, lightweight and easy to install.


The Loft Leg is manufactured in the UK from recycled polypropylene, to ISO9001 standards and has been mechanically tested by independent experts. 


Installing Loft Leg XL will not invalidate your NHBC Warranty (Click here for more information).


Don't just take our word for it – see what building.co.uk has to say about the issue.




Creates a raised loft floor above up to 400mm of quilt insulation

Avoids insulation compression saving energy and money

Strong enough to walk on and store up to 25Kg per square metre*

Manufactured in the UK from recycled materials

What size of chipboard are you using?

How many do I need?

Loft Leg XL's are sold in boxes of 12 units.


The number of Loft Leg XLs you will need depends on the type of loft boards you are using, the distance between your ceiling joists and the area you wish to cover. Answer the simple questions below to calculate how many legs you will need.


Leg Calculator 

Loft Leg XL Fitting Instructions

Loft Leg recommend the following screws:



Wickes Multi-purpose Screws 4.0x30mm (product code 225627) - click here to open the link

Wickes Optimaxx 4.0 x 30mm (product code 9000246487) - click here to open the link

Toolstation Single Thread Countersunk Pozi Screw 4.0mm x 30mm (product code 34970) - click here to open the link

Note: Using screws larger or wider than 4mm x 30mm may result in difficulties screwing through the legs


Fitting Guide
Loft LEg XL Fitting Instructions pdf

Loft Leg XL Fitting Guide Videos





How to fit Loft Legs & Loft Leg XL



Screwing down the Loft Leg & Loft Leg XL



Screwing down the chipboard into Loft Leg & Loft Leg XL
See The Full Project Guide Here

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Loft Leg XL FAQs

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Loft Leg XL Insulation

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