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Case Study: Recommended Installer For 4-Bed New Build

Project aim:

To create large loft storage area for occasional use items


We design our products here at Loft Leg to be DIY-friendly so that customers always have the option to fit their own Loft Legs if they prefer to do so. However, we have various customers who, for whatever reason, sometimes don’t feel comfortable performing the job themselves. It may be because they feel they lack the skills or because there are physical or health conditions that would make it difficult for them. The good news is: that’s no problem! We have a list of recommended installers we work with here at Loft Leg, which allows us to provide this service for customers nationwide. One of these installers is Loft Boarding Derby, who helped this customer achieve energy efficient storage space in his loft through boarding and the use of Loft Legs, as well as giving him the means to access it using a new loft ladder.

Products/services involved:

* Loft Legs

* Ladder

* Boarding



Total project duration:

2 days

Square meterage of new storage space:


What our customer had to say:

"Loft Boarding Derby were excellent. Thomas assessed the loft and explained the various options available. He used Loft Legs for the project along with 600x2400mm boards to create a strong platform above the 270mm of insulation. The result was an ideal area for light storage to keep the new house free from clutter. Very happy with Loft Legs, very happy with the whole project from start to finish, and very happy with our clutter free new home."

Loft Legs are available through Wickes, Homebase and Toolstation, sold in boxes of 12. Should you need any additional information on how many legs you will need please see ‘How Many Do I Need’ area on our website, or alternatively get in touch at or give us a call 01282 861001.

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