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Case Study: 4 Bed New Build Edinburgh

Customer: Richard Gall

Address: Edinburgh, Scotland

Property type: 4-bedroom New Build

Project aim:

To provide a large 26m2 loft storage area in a brand new build home


Mr Gall enlisted the help of our experts at Loft Leg to help him cover a particularly large loft space for his new-build property in Edinburgh, Scotland. The property was installed with 350mm of loft insulation along with a loft hatch and ladder by the builder.

Acting on our advice, he opted for the largest of our products, the Loft Leg XL. This enabled him to create the much needed additional storage space without compressing the insulation (which would severely reduce its effectiveness).

To save Mr Gall the time and effort of the installation, we were able to recommend a trusted partner of ours - Smart Loft Storage Solutions Limited - to carry out the work. Smart Loft Storage Solutions created the raised storage area and repositioning the ladder to the new flooring.

Products/services involved:

- Boarding middle section of the loft (by Smart Loft Storage Solutions Limited)

- Loft Leg XL

- Egger P5 18mm T&G moisture-resistant chipboard floorboards (2400mm by


Total project duration:

6 hours

Square meterage of new storage space:

26m2 (10.8m x 2.4)

“I was very pleased with the finished loft. Smart Loft Storage Solutions were quick, efficient and very professional. The finished area is extremely strong and creates a great storage platform.” Mr Gall

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