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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Loft Storage in a New Build Home

Learn how to organise your new home! This ultimate guide outlines creative tips and tricks for creating loads of loft storage space in your new build home!

Did you know that clutter can affect your sleep, increase anxiety, and send stress levels through the roof?

Whether you've been inspired by clutter-clearing-guru Marie Kondo or you're just sick of tripping over boxes around your home, getting rid of everything that's lying around your house is always a good idea! But, not everything should be thrown out. So, what do you do with those occasional use items that you wish to keep?

Most new build homes do not have loads of storage space designed in. However, with a little creativity and some basic DIY skills this doesn’t need to be an issue.

This is where loft storage comes in.

A loft is a great spot for keeping things you don't frequently need out of the way.

Builder Says No!?

When you receive the keys to your new home some builders may tell you that you can’t use your loft for storage and if you do it will invalidate your NHBC warranty.

This is inaccurate.

The reason for this is that they do not want you to remove or compress the mineral wool insulation that been installed and compromise the buildings overall thermal performance.

They might also state the loft is not capable of carrying storage loads.

Again, this is inaccurate.

The trusses in a new build in the UK are manufactured to British Standard BS 6399-1:1996. This standard ensures that the truss is designed, built and inspected with specific loads in mind. This includes an additional load in the loft of 25kg/m² for storage and a 90Kg load to allow for a person accessing the loft.

Therefore, if you are using a raised storage system over your insulation, such as Loft Legs, your warranty will still be valid and your loft will be capable of carrying the required loads mentioned above. More details on the NHBC warranty can be seen here

How to Create Loft Storage Space Without Affecting The Insulation?

Most new build homes are now installed with at least 270mm of quilt/mineral wool insulation, sometimes up to 400mm to meet stricter thermal criteria.

With such deep insulation you may find it difficult to imagine storing items up there.

But, with a loft leg XL, you can easily solve the issue. You can raise your loft storage deck above 400mm of insulation easily and inexpensively, keeping your insulation working as it should and keeping your NHBC warranty valid. Problem solved!

The Loft Leg XL in Use

What’s a Safe Load?

Try to avoid loading too much into your loft and stick to lighter items. It is recommended that you don’t store more than 25Kg/m2 as discussed earlier.

Older properties may be constructed differently with different load bearing criteria. If in doubt consult a structural engineer.

Loft Storage Ideas

The Loft Ledge In Use

Once you have a safe raised boarded area it’s time to consider maximising its storage potential. If you're on the hunt for new build loft space storage ideas, we've got just the tips you need. Here are some of the best loft storage solutions:

  • If not already installed, fit a Loft Light to ensure the area if brightly illuminated

  • Use Loft Ledge truss shelves to keep the central area clear

  • Use plastic boxes with lids to keep items dry, dust free and organised

  • Label your boxes clearly so you can find your things easily

  • Always keep things you need frequently close to the loft hatch

Start Making the Most of Your New Build Loft Now!

The loft offers an ideal area to store occasional items such as Christmas decorations and suitcases. Make the most of your new home with Loft Legs!

For more loft-enhancing products, be sure to take a look at our range at LoftLeg.


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