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5 Brilliant Loft Storage Ideas to Transform Your Space

Your loft can easily go from unused space to highly organised and functional storage with a few changes. The sloping roof can make using the space a challenge, but there are plenty of ways to organise your loft well.

Getting creative with loft storage ideas lets you maximise your space, no matter how large or small your loft is.

The best options fit snugly into the available space so no area goes unused.

Start by evaluating your current loft setup and how you use your space. Consider what types of storage solutions you need and where you're lacking space to choose the best options.

Here are five loft storage solutions that can give you more space.

1. Create a Stable Floor

18mm chipboard loft boarding

One of the best ways to transform your loft and maximise storage is by installing loft boards to create a stable base. This allows you to stack boxes, storage containers, and seldom used items in your attic safely.

Loft Legs raise the loft floor above insulation

Loft Legs can raise the floor to ensure your loft has adequate insulation and a stable, strong floor. This allows you to have the recommended 270mm of loft insulation under your storage floor.

When installing a raised floor, ensure you know the weight limits. This allows you to store items safely without putting too much stress on your loft floor.

2. Illuminate

The key to usable loft storage is illumination. The brighter the loft the more likely you will use it as a regular storage option. There is nothing worse than having to go into a dark or dimly lit space and try to find things.

If you don't have a mains wired light in the loft, consider one or more bright battery powered LED Loft Lights. These can produce instant lighting and can be installed by anyone.

Battery powered LED Loft Light

3. Add Hanging Rods

A cupboard rail or rod hanging between the trusses becomes versatile storage in your loft. If your loft is clean and you feel comfortable storing clothes there, it makes an ideal spot for holding your off-season clothing. Place them in plastic protectors to keep them free of dust.

Wardrobe hanging rod for versatile storage

The rods also work for hanging other items. Hang Christmas decorations from wires, or place hanging baskets over the rods to hold smaller items.

You can get wardrobe rods in various lengths or cut them down to size to fit between rafters perfectly. Use secure brackets to attach them, so they can support the weight reliably.

4. Create Storage Under the Eaves or Between Trusses

Loft storage between trusses

The reduced headroom near the edges of the space often go unused. The low ceilings where the roof nears the floor make it difficult to put large items in those areas.

Use the natural slope to create storage in those areas. You can build cupboards, shelves or drawers under the eaves that go from the floor to the underside of the roof.

That space would likely go unused otherwise.

If your loft has a trussed roof, you're in luck. The trusses might seem like a problem when it comes to storage. They slant down and might get in the way of where you want to place things.

But they can work as the perfect brace to hold shelves.

Our Loft Ledge Truss Shelving Kit makes it easy to build shelves between the trusses. It comes with everything you need, including a sturdy chipboard shelf, to create the storage platform.

Strong plastic brackets and screws hold the chipboard shelf in place. They're designed to fit between trusses with 600mm centres with inbuilt flexibility so you don't have to worry about cutting anything to fit the space.

Once installed between the trusses, these shelves hold storage container, boxes, baskets, and other small items that fit within the space.

The Loft Ledge in use

5. Choose Appropriate Storage Boxes

Organised loft storage boxes

Don't underestimate the usefulness of a good storage box. Small storage boxes are versatile because they're easy to move around. You can pack them with different items, sorted by function and easily rearrange when necessary.

Plastic storage boxes are ideal. They provide more protection than cardboard boxes, and they last longer. Boxes with lids keep dust and bugs out of your belongings.

Choosing boxes of different sizes helps you fit them into different spaces in the loft.

Grab labels for the boxes, especially if you have lots of storage containers in the loft. This lets you find the things you need easily. Using clear boxes is also helpful for finding what you need.

Mix and Match Different Loft Storage Ideas

Mix and match all the solutions mentioned to find the best combinations for your storage.

Armed with the right loft storage ideas, you can get more use out of your space. The storage ideas help you find new space and keep your belongings organised, and easily accessible.

Explore our loft products to make your loft space more comfortable and functional, whether you need to add a floor, want to light up the space or create clever shelving between your trusses.


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