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Case Study: 3 Bed New Build, Lancashire, England

Customer: Colin F Address: Burnley, England

Project aim:

To provide a 15m2 raised loft storage area in a new build home


Colin and his wife moved into a 3 bedroom new build in Lancashire. They already had a loft hatch and ladders but wanted to use their loft for ocassional storage. There was sufficient insulation, so the first task was to remove the top layer in the centre of the loft to expose the bottom chords of the trusses.

Trussed Roof Loft

As the insulation was 350mm deep Colin selected the Loft Leg XL, the 300mm Loft Leg. Loft Leg XL raises the floor above up to 400mm of insulation and prevents it from being squashed, thereby not invalidating the buildings NHBC Warranty.

Loft Hatch and Loft Ladder

As there was good access into the loft, Colin decided to use large 18mm x 600mm x 2400mm chipboard sheets.

Loft Leg XLs In Position

Colin screwed down the Loft Leg XLs into the bottom chords of the trusses to suit the large chipboard sheets.

Insulation Top Layer in Position and First Board

After replacing the top layer of insulation Colin then began to lay the boards on top of the legs, using the recommended screws to screw through the board into the top platform of the Loft Leg XLs.

Almost Complete

Colin used 11 boards in total to create a great raised storage area in the central section of the loft.

Loft Legs and Chipboard Sheet

Next, loft panels were installed by screwing them to the top platform of the legs.

Last Board Being Fitted

The finished project was a great success. 15sqm of usable, accessible storage created in 6 hours.

Products/services involved:

- Boarding middle section of the loft

- Loft Leg XL (10 x boxes of Loft Leg XL) £150

- 2400 x 600mm x 18mm chipboard board x 11 £110.00

- Screws (2 x 200 boxes) £3.40

Total project duration:

6 hours

Total project cost:


Square meterage of new storage space:


Customer Comments

“Wow! Can't believe what a difference this project has made to our home. Easy to fit and very cost effective especially if you use large chipboard sheets. We are now enjoying our new and improved uncluttered home” Colin F


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