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Case Study: 3 Bed New Build, Strathaven, Scotland

Customer: Mr Eccles Address: Strathaven, Scotland

Project aim:

To provide an 8m2 raised loft storage area in a new build home


Like many of our customers here at Loft Leg, Mr Eccles wanted to create a medium sized storage area in his loft for occasional use items. Since he already had 350mm of quilt insulation installed by the builder, our experts recommended Loft Leg XL, the largest of our flagship products. This would produce a stable surface which could support an adult’s full weight, along with an additional 25Kg per square metre of storage. Most importantly, it would do this without squashing down the insulation (which can reduce its effectiveness by up to 50% ) and not invalidate the buildings NHBC Warranty.

Loft Hatch and Loft Ladder Already Installed

Mr Eccles used Loft Leg XL due to the depth of insulation installed by the builder.

Loft Ladder Installed to Raised Platform

Boarded Loft with Platform from Loft Hatch

A ladder and hatch were already installed in the loft, and due to the location of the hatch itself, the flooring needed to be cut to shape to allow easy access to the central area of the loft.

Products/services involved:

- Boarding middle section of the loft plus access

- Loft Leg XL

- 18mm T&G chipboard board

Total project duration:

8 hours

Square meterage of new storage space:


Customer Comments

“The finished storage area is perfect for my needs. Loft Leg XLs were very easy to install, very sturdy and the resulting storage area ideal. I would highly recommend Loft Leg XL for new build homes with over 300mm of quilt insulation installed” Mr Eccles


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