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Case Study: Mr Fishwick, Preston, Lancashire

Case Study: Mr Fishwick Preston

Project aim:

To provide a 7.02sqm storage area in a new build house


Recently, Mr Fishwick embarked upon a mission to complete his 6 month old home with a brand new loft storage area. Instead of enlisting any outside help for the work, he undertook the entire project himself as a DIYer. (A significant proportion of our customers are DIYers, which is why we’ve specifically designed our products to be easy, simple and straightforward to install.)

The area he wanted to cover was reasonably large and the insulation very deep, so he chose our Loft Leg XL, to get the task done. The result is a very strong, stable storage area which can easily accommodate a large number of bulky or occasional use items.

Loft Leg XLs Installed Before Boarding

Loft Leg XL Completed Project

Products/services involved:

- 5 boxes of Loft Leg XL (from Wickes, £75.00)

- 6 packs of Loft Panels (also from Wickes, £52.50)

Total cost £127.50

Total project duration:

1 day

Square meterage of new storage space:


Customer Comments

“I installed 49 Loft Leg XLs into our 6 month old house, giving us some much-needed storage space! I’m hugely pleased with the finished project.” Mr Fishwick


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