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Come see us at the National Homebuilding and Renovation Show!

We’ll be on Stand F271 at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show, widely considered one of the UK's biggest annual industry events. Why not pay us a visit?

If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you may have already seen that we’re exhibiting at the Homebuilding and Renovation show at the Birmingham NEC between the 28th and 31st of March. We’ll be on Stand F271, showcasing our company’s innovative loft storage solutions, and making ourselves available for expert project consultations.

Plus, we’ll have a very special offer on our Loft Lights for the duration of the show - make sure you swing by our stand to find out more!

Interested? You can get free one-day entry for yourself and up to one other person by following this link to register your details. Once you’ve completed the form, your tickets will be emailed to you, ready for you to print off. It’s as simple as that!

What is the Homebuilding and Renovating Show?

One of the industry’s biggest annual events, the UK’s Homebuilding and Renovating Show is billed as the go-to exhibition for homeowners, self-builders and professional renovators. It’s an all-encompassing event that covers almost every aspect of home ownership, from interior design and outward aesthetics of your home right through to the building’s fabric and integral structural elements.

You can meet with professionals spanning a broad range of disciplines, including interior designers, architects, planners, technologists and structural engineers. In short, whatever stage you’re at with your own personal project - whether you’re getting started on a few minor DIY jobs or you’re planning your home from the ground up - you can find specialist expertise and friendly advice to help you get the very most our of your living space.

What you can expect when you visit our stand at Loft Leg?

We’re bringing our loft storage expertise to the event’s wide-ranging array of disciplines, offering expert consultations for your project in addition our trademark range of products. These include our flagship Loft Leg - designed to help you maximise space in your loft without compressing your insulation, which can decrease its effectiveness by up to 50%. Our full range includes:

Loft Light

The concept behind Loft Light is simple: it provides the means to instantly illuminate your space using an ultra-bright, battery-powered LED light that’s equal to a 32-watt bulb. This makes it both useful and exceptionally easy to install, as it doesn’t require you to wire it into mains electricity. As we touched on above, we’ll have a special offer on this product throughout the exhibition, so make sure to pop by the stand to find out more!

Loft Leg

Our flagship namesake product, Loft Leg has been designed by our in-house structural engineers to provide an easy way to maximise space in your loft, by giving you the means to create a handy storage platform. One of its key advantages is that it raises your storage platform high enough to avoid compressing your insulation, making sure that your home’s energy efficiency remains intact. We’ve also got a brand new XL Loft Leg for use in new-build homes.

Loft Ledge Truss Shelving Kit

The Loft Ledge is an easy and convenient storage solution that helps you to fully utilise the available storage space in your trussed roof. As with most of our products - its name is fairly self-explanatory! It’s designed to create a useful shelf between the trusses above the insulation, expanding the available storage space even further for your bulky or occasional-use items.

Loft Lid

There are multiple benefits to Loft Lid - one of its key advantages is that it allows for the safe installation of downlights in your loft by forming protective cover over an individual downlight, while giving it sufficient space to prevent overheating. This allows you to lay insulation continuously over them, ensuring maximum thermal efficiency while eliminating the danger of any fires starting due to contact between the downlight and insulation. It also stops air leakage into the loft space from the rooms below, and blocks dust and insects from dropping through to your rooms underneath!

You can find out more details on each individual product by clicking on the links above, or alternatively just pay us a visit at the show. Remember, we’ll be on Stand F271, so feel free to come over and give us a wave! If you need anything else in the meantime, you can give us a ring on 01282 861 001, or email us on We’re here to help!


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