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Know Your Options: How to Choose the Best Lights for Your Loft

Want to brighten up a dark loft? This guide outlines the various considerations when choosing loft lights to ensure you pick the best one for your needs.

Lofts are important spaces in your home that are often used for storage or locating equipment such as water tanks and solar panel inverters. The tricky thing about them is due to their shape they can be difficult to light up.

Your lighting should be simple and functional, just like your loft. It's crucial to ensure that when you do go up to your loft, you can see everything that you need to. Choosing the right lighting can be extremely important for safety.

If you find that your loft is too dark? Read our guide to find out how to choose the best loft lights for your loft space.

Why Loft Lights?

Specifically designed loft lights and bulbs make it simple to illuminate the space so that you can see all around your loft. No item will ever be lost with the right light in your loft.

Chances are that you have a few boxes with writing on them. That's no good to you if you're left in the dark! A good loft light can minimize the time spent in your loft so that you can get what you need quickly and efficiently.

They are essential for your safety also. You never know when you could trip or bang your head in the dark.

Lastly, having a good loft light can make your searches faster. You'll be able to see everything when you're digging through your storage so that you can find the item you need.

Choosing a light that is affordable as well as simple to install and use is a must.

Loft Lights that Work Well

If you are fed up of using a torch or a table lamp on an extension cord, and want to consider something safer and fit for purpose, then look no further…

Battery Powered Loft Lights

Our battery-operated Loft Light is a great choice for any loft. It's easy to use, needs no electrical connections, and you can leave it up there for when you need it. It's also a very affordable option.

The Loft Light is a 320 Lumen battery powered LED, equivalent to a traditional 32 Watt bulb, that can be attached directly to any timber element in a loft and comes supplied with a two metre pull cord and a self adhesive reflective strip.

You can have just one, or multiple battery-operated lights depending on the size of your loft. If it's small, you may be able to light it up with just one. If it's larger, you can add more to ensure that there are no dark corners in your loft.

To power the lights on after adding batteries, all you have to do is pull a string.

Mains Powered Loft Bulbs

If you already have a mains fitting in the loft, or you want an ultra-bright loft, then a mains powered bulb is the way to go.

We have a mains powered option that will flood your loft with bright light. The Loft Bulb is a 4000 Lumen LED bulb (equivalent to 8 traditional 40W bulbs). The bulb consists of 3 adjustable panels that can be angled to ensure the light is directed into even the darkest corners of the loft.

It fits into a standard bayonet (B22) fitting so it can be installed in seconds.

Traditional 40W Bulb vs The Loft Bulb

Looking for Loft Lights to Brighten Up Your Space?

Finding the perfect loft lights isn't easy, but this guide should give you a good idea of what you need.

At Loft Leg, we have custom made battery-powered loft lights and mains powered loft bulbs that are practical, easy to install, and easy to use. Simply install them and turn them on. If you're looking for the best loft lights for your space, check out our lights and bulbs!

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