Light It Up! Your Complete Guide to Loft Lighting

41% of A&E visits are from accidents in the home, with many being falls from lofts. Considering the typical distance between your loft and the floor below is usually 8-9 feet, this can cause some serious injuries.

If you or a loved one goes into the loft often, then you'll want to do everything in your power to make it as safe as possible.

For some inspiration, here are some great ways to illuminate your loft while you are up there.

Permanent Light Fixtures

This is a pretty expensive option, and it might be difficult to get an electrician to do such a small job, but it may be worth it if you're up in your loft quite a lot.

While this option may not necessarily be the cheapest option, it's certainly practical.

When it comes to loft lighting ideas you can get sensor lights so they turn on as soon as anyone goes up into the loft.

They'll also turn off as soon as they leave, so it'll be very energy-efficient if you're trying to save on utility bills.

Work Lamps

Work lamps are great for lighting up loft spaces while being relatively inexpensive and providing very high lumen output.

LEDs however tend to be 1 very directional, sending out a focussed beam of light and not spreading it to illuminate the entire space.

Depending on how big your loft is, you may have to strategically place some in different corners to provide adequate lighting.

Care should be taken to avoid tripping on the power cable if they are plugged into the mains.

LED Loft Light

If you're a fan of simpler things, then an LED light specifically designed for a loft can be a great option.

This is a battery-powered product you can install anywhere in your loft, without using the mains in your home.

Plus, LED lights are highly energy-efficient. The benefit of these over work lamps is that the light is spread when it is on in a similar way to a permanent light fixture and traditional bulb.

You can screw this LED light directly into any timber area in your loft. Put some batteries in, and you're set!

The next time you go up into your loft, you can easily turn on the light with its 2-meter long pull string. It'll also be easy to find with its reflective strip.

Use These Loft Lighting Ideas to Perk up Your Space

Now you have some great loft lighting ideas that'll not only make the space look amazing, but also safer for anyone who goes up there.

When you need to access your loft, you'll be able to locate whatever it is you need in a flash.

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Our products are made from recycled materials so you can do your part in being eco-conscious.