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Summer and Winter Holiday Storage: Keeping Your Loft Organised

Whether the summer holidays are near, or it's time to put those tree decorations away, storage of occasional use items is important. Improve and declutter your home with an organised loft.

There are approximately 23.3 million lofts in the UK. The vast majority of these are used in some way to store occasional use items. This could be tree decorations, outdoor fairy lights, or suitcases and swimming pool inflatables.

In this article, we offer our top tips when it comes to organising your loft for storage. Continue reading if you want to maximise space, spend less time searching, and make your loft space more organised.

Where To Start With Summer and Winter Holiday Storage

There are several ways you can start organising holiday items, the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Before diving into organising your loft, you need to make a plan.

Having a plan can not only help you avoid this feeling of being overwhelmed, but it can also help ensure you have the best storage plan possible for your loft and its unique requirements.

Consider the Space

The first step in our loft storage plan is to take a moment to consider your loft space. Whether your loft is dedicated solely to storing xmas decorations or you have other belongings in the loft, you need to find a easily accessible area for your winter items and a separate easily accessible area for your summer holiday items if required.

If you're working with limited square footage, your plan should involve stacking. If you have a lot of floor space but a limited amount of headroom, then you want to avoid overly tall boxes and maximise the use of the floor area.

Make Separate Loft Storage Categories

The next step is to make separate loft storage categories for your items such as Christmas decorations. When you have a mountain of Christmas items to store, you might be tempted to put everything into a few large Christmas boxes.

However, we recommend against throwing everything together because it makes it harder to find what you need next year. Separating your decorations into categories makes it easy to find what you need and keep your decorations in good condition.

Some example categories include gift wrapping supplies, ornaments or other breakables, knick-knacks, xmas table wear, and outdoor decor.

Holiday Storage Tips

Good, efficient, organised storage can require some careful planning, we recommend stocking up on some helpful holiday storage tips. These tips are designed to make finding and storing items much easier. Your future self will thank you for following them.

Label Everything

After the holidays are over, many of us want to throw everything in a box and forget about it. However, this makes finding what you need next year a nightmare. For that reason, we recommend taking the time to label everything.

You should have all of your Christmas decorations in neat piles, making it easy to attach a label or a list of items inside of the container you pack them away in.

Invest In Quality Loft Storage Containers

Don't put your treasured decorations in flimsy boxes or plastic bags. These types of storage containers result in broken glass and tangled wires. They significantly shorten the lifespan of your favourite decorations.

Instead, invest in a few high-quality loft storage containers. These are made of sturdier materials that keep your belongings in better condition.

For example, storing tree ornaments in a box intended for ornament storage keeps them from getting squished while in storage and prevents them from rubbing against one another, which can also cause damage.

Nest Large Bulky Suitcases

Consider storing large bulky suitcases inside one another to maximise the available space. It is possible with a bit of creativity to store 3 or 4 suitcases inside each other to free up a lot of space. And, because they are bulky but light, they can be stored on a shelf off the main loft floor area or on specially installed pegs on gable walls.

Maximise Your Loft Storage Space

It's important to maximise your loft storage space so you can fit in as much as possible while keeping the items stored easily accessible.

Avoid Compressing Loft Insulation

When using your loft for storage, it's important to avoid compressing the insulation. Compressing the fiberglass insulation reduces its effectiveness. It could lead to higher energy bills to maintain the temperature in your home.

Our Loft Leg helps prevent insulation compression and keeps your home nice and warm during the cold months. It creates a raised floor that is strong enough to stand on and to store up to 25kg of belongings per square metre.

Create Loft Shelving And Use The Vertical Space

Another way to maximise loft holiday storage without compressing insulation is through our Loft Ledge. The Loft Ledge creates a platform inside a trussed roof where you usually have wasted space. It's easy to assemble and use and can help to maintain a clear walkway through the middle of your loft.

This is especially helpful if you don't have room in your loft for traditional shelving units.

Also consider using hanging rails, pegs, and shelving on the gable walls in your loft to utilise the vertical space available.

Add Lighting To Improve Safety

If you want to be able to easily browse through your organised loft containers, then you need plenty of light in your loft. The best way to achieve this is through a loft bulb.

Our Loft Bulb floods the loft with 4000 Lumens of light, instantly transforming the space from a dark and dreary space into a bright and inviting one where every corner can be seen.

The bulb fits into any standard B22 bayonet fitting and takes only seconds to fit.

Get Prepared For Holiday Decoration Storage

Use the above guide to prepare for summer holiday and Christmas storage. Storing holiday items efficiently such as suitcases and Christmas decorations can be easy but if its not done properly it can end up in one big mess. By developing a well-formed plan you can get ahead of the stress and enjoy a bright, energy efficient, beautifully organised loft.

If you're ready to get started, browse our range of products to help maximize your loft storage space today!

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