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Top 3 Surprising Benefits of Boarding Your Loft

Is your loft an unfinished, empty space, bringing no benefits to you or your family?

Many of us have lofts in our home, but unfortunately, we don’t often use them to their full potential.

If this is the case, consider loft boarding. It’s an effective and simple way to massively increase the usable space in your home, with many benefits to homeowners.

If you’re considering boarding your loft, read on to learn the three top reasons to get started today.

1. Increased Storage Space

Boarding a loft is one of the quickest ways to increase storage space in your home. It’s the perfect spot for larger items that you might not use often, such as old toys, festive decorations, holiday items or seasonal sports equipment.

Once boarded a simple way to increase the usable space further in your loft space is with a loft ledge, an easy to install shelving system, designed to fit perfectly into your trussed roof loft space.

Categorise items into clear containers and label, making it easy to know what is in each.

2. Safe access

A correctly boarded loft creates a safe way of accessing and moving around in a fully insulated loft, minimising the risk of missing a joist and standing on the plasterboard ceiling.

This can be especially important if there is equipment in the loft that needs periodic attention, for example, photovoltaic inverters for solar panels or water tanks.

Ensure the boarded area does not compromise the insulation by squashing it. This can be achieved by raising the boards on Loft Legs.

3. Keep a Tidier Home

There are many benefits to a decluttered home, such as feeling calmer, less stressed, and more comfortable in your home environment. If you’re sick of tripping over toys, old furniture, or clothes on the floor, give your home a makeover, thanks to your new loft space.

Anything unwanted can go in the bin or to charity, but items you wish to keep, but want out of sight, can go into the loft.

It’s a great way to reclaim some lost space and feel more comfortable and organized in your home.

Get Started With Loft Boarding Today

Contact us for friendly and professional help for all of your loft boarding needs. Our expert staff can recommend the best products for you, from loft legs and loft ledges, to lighting options.

Once you get started enjoying your newly-created loft space, you’ll wish you had done this years ago!


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