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Nelson Engineer Creates Cash-Saving Insulation Kit

An Entrepreneur has devised an insulation kit he hopes will help homeowners save money

on their fuel bills.

Gareth Storey, an architect-turned-innovator from Nelson, believes his Loft Leg invention could

help families who lose up to 40 per cent of their heat through poorly-insulated roofs.

Loft Legs work by attaching a plastic leg to a roof joist, raising loft boards to allow the insulation

material below to work to greater effect.

Mr Storey, whose firm is based in the ACE Centre, said: “The installation of Loft Legs stops the

insulation layer being squashed and increases thermal performance of a home by up to 50 per


“That is very important when it comes to increasing heat efficiency and reducing heating bills.

“The latest figures on fuel costs show how expensive heating a house


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