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Loft Space & Energy Efficiency Now go Hand-In-Hand

Homeowners across the UK are facing an increasingly common dilemma - how to insulate their homes to combat cold weather and ever increasing utility bills, without losing much needed storage space. Research has revealed that just one in 10 homes are using loft insulation to its full advantage, often favouring storage over insulation. So the bright sparks at the company that is now Loft Leg Ltd, set out to find the solution. Loft Leg, which is available to buy from Wickes stores nationwide, promises to increase the thermal efficiency of a home by up to 50%, without compromising loft storage space. And, It has the Carbon Smart status to prove it. By lifting the loft floor by 175mm above insulation level, Loft Legs enable homeowners to take advantage of the extra space without compressing important insulation fibres it's as simple as that. Installing the simple products enables homeowners to have the best of both worlds - a warm house and a useful loft. And with government funding for insulation about to end, it's never been a better time to get your hands on them. Loft Leg co-founder Gareth Storey explains: "We set out to solve the problem that most homeowners have - how to insulate without losing vital storage space - and we came up with Loft Leg. "The Loft Leg is a very simple but effective product that is easy to install and doesn't cost the earth. But it will increase thermal performance of a home by up to 50%. "We always knew the Loft Leg was a great product but it is so exciting to see that it being recognised and we are delighted by the support of Wickes. It's a huge coup for us to have landed such a fantastic deal and we're glad we can bring Loft Leg to homeowners nationwide. "It is insulation season at the moment so we always anticipated an increase in sales. However, sales have far exceeded our expectations and we have doubled our capacity to keep up with the demand. We anticipate that a third tool to make more Loft Legs will be up and running soon." Loft Legs are sold in packs of 12 and can be used with Conti loft boards, Wickes loft panels, B&Q loft panels, Homebase loft panels and any 18-22mm thick chipboard sheets and support up to 500 kg. The product is manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled materials.

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