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Case Study: Insulated Loft with Storage Space in Victorian 3-bed property

Customer: Mr Ellis

Address: Twickenham, London

Property Type: Victorian 3 Bed Semi Detached

Project aim:

Fully insulate loft with 270mm quilt insulation and board small area for occasional storage


This was a pleasantly simple project for Mr Ellis, despite not having a wealth of DIY skills. In fact, he chose our Loft Legs specifically because we’ve designed them to be quick and easy to fit, without requiring any extra specialist knowledge. While our experts are always on hand to provide a quick word of advice should any of our customers need it, Mr Ellis found that the information on our website was more than enough.

Armed with the instructions and illustrations from the How Many Do I Need section of our website, he only needed a single day in the loft of his Victorian semi-detached home before the project was complete. The end result is a useful extra storage space for him to accommodate bulky and occasional-use items. As you can see, it’s coming in handy already!

Products/services involved:

  • Joist centres (400mm)

  • Mineral wool insulation roll 100mm

  • Mineral wool insulation roll 170mm

  • 1 pack of Loft Storage Panels (Wickes) ~ 1.2m2 storage

  • 2 boxes of standard Loft Legs

Total cost of project:

£201.97 (including Loft Legs, boards, insulation and screws)

Expected annual saving:

Total project duration:

1 day

Preparing the loft

Insulating and installing Loft Legs

Insulating around Loft Legs

Boarding Out

Completed Project

Project payback/return on investment:

Well within 2 years

Going by the figures from the Energy Saving Trust, Mr Ellis would save around £260 within two years, by which time the project will have paid for itself!

What our customer had to say:

“The project was straight forward and I managed to do it easily within a day even with my basic DIY skills” said Mr Ellis. “The Loft Legs were easy to install and felt very sturdy when screwed down. The tongue and groove boards went down easily and a screw into the top of each leg was all that was required to complete the storage area. My home feels considerably warmer and I now have a handy storage area for suitcases and occasional storage items.

Loft Legs are a super product, inexpensive and easy to fit - even for me!”

Loft Legs are available through Wickes, Homebase and Toolstation, sold in boxes of 12. Should you need any additional information on how many legs you will need please see ‘How Many Do I Need’ area on our website, or alternatively get in touch at or give us a call 01282 861001.

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