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Case Study: 3 Bed New Build Semi, Foulridge, England

Customer: Mr Gonzalez Address: Foulridge, England

Project aim:

To provide an 8m2 raised loft storage area in a new build home


Mr Gonzalez and his fiancé recently moved into a 3 bedroom semi detached new build in Lancashire. After unpacking they quickly realised there was not much storage space designed into property. Like all of Loft Leg's customers Mr Gonzalez looked to loft to unlock a large usable storage area.

The builders had installed a loft hatch and more than enough loft insulation.

As the insulation was 350mm deep Mr Gonzalez checked the Loft Leg website and selected the Loft Leg XL, the 300mm Loft Leg. This when installed on a truss would safely raise the floor above 400mm of insulation and most importantly, it would do this without squashing down the insulation (which can reduce its effectiveness by up to 50% ) and not invalidate the buildings NHBC Warranty.

Loft Hatch and Loft Ladder

Mr Gonzalez used 18mm tongue and groove loft panels from Wickes for the floor due to the restricted access and convenience of transportation.

Loft Panels and Tools Before Installation

After rolling back the insulation to reveal the truss Mr Gonzalez started by covering the downlights with Loft Lids to create an airtight seal and allow insulation to be rolled continuously over the top. Mr Gonzalez then measured the central area of the loft and using the Loft Leg calculator worked out haw many and where the Loft Legs needed to be positioned.

Measuring the loft before installing Loft Legs

Mr Gonzalaz then installed the Loft Leg XLs in a 600mm x 320mm grid.

Loft Legs Installed

The mineral wool (quilt) insulation was then replaced around the Loft Legs.

Loft Legs and Insulation

Next, loft panels were installed by screwing them to the top platform of the legs.

Screwing loft panels to Loft Legs

This was continued until the whole area was boarded, creating a strong floor for storage.

Complete lofting boarding

As Mr Gonzalez's loft was of trussed construction he also opted to use Loft Ledges to create shelving down the sides of the loft.

Loft Ledge Installation

The finished project was a great success. 8sqm of usable, accessible storage created in 5 hours and without the need to get a professional involved.

Boarded Loft with Storage

Finished project

Products/services involved:

- Protecting downlights, boarding middle section of the loft and shelving

- Loft Leg XL (5 x boxes of Loft Leg XL) £75

- 18mm T&G chipboard board (8 x Loft Panels) £67.20

- 4 Loft Lids £22

- 4 Loft Ledges £40

- Screws (2 x 200 boxes) £3.40

Total project duration:

6 hours

Total project cost:


Square meterage of new storage space:


Customer Comments

“Really simple and painless process. The products were inexpensive, easy to install and the instructions provided on the Loft Leg website were clear and jargon free. I am really pleased with the finished storage area, it has allowed my new home to be clutter free which means the future Mrs Gonzalez is happy too! ” Mr Gonzalez


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