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Loft Legs Feature In The Times

Loft Legs featured in The Times on Sunday (January 15th 2023) in a guide entitled “Everything you need to know about insulating your home”.

The article describes the measures two families made to combat climate change and reduce the energy consumption of their homes.

The article explains how the Watts and Bentley families installed a number of different insulation measures including relatively low cost cavity wall and loft insulation.

The article discloses that the Watts family didn’t have the required depth of insulation installed so needed to add a top up layer to bring it up to the government recommended depth.

The family also needed to use their loft for storage and therefore created a raised loft floor on Loft Legs to prevent the insulation from being compressed.

Loft Legs are an easy, DIY friendly way of creating a storage platform above the government recommended depth of insulation.

For more information on the full projects see the complete article here

For more information on Loft Legs, how to install them and other useful loft storage information visit Alternatively if you have any questions about Loft Legs click here to contact us today.


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