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The Top 5 Benefits of Loft Insulation When It's Done Right

Why is loft insulation so important to your overall home? Here's how loft insulation is beneficial as a homeowner, when it's installed correctly!

Whether you're a DIY person, or you'd rather take advantage of government grants to have a local insulation installer take care of the whole process, there's no denying the numerous benefits that insulating your loft can provide you. 

Loft insulation can be a simple cost-effective improvement to your home. If you're curious about its benefits, you've come to the right place. 

Read on to learn the top five benefits of loft insulation, and how to get them. 

Loft Insulation : How Does It Work?

Having a well insulated and usable loft can be a great addition to any household. However, what does loft insulation entail, exactly? 

In the simplest of terms, loft insulation works like a woolley hat for your house.  Keeping the warm air in so you need less energy to heat it (

There are a number of different types of insulation that can be used to insulate a loft.  

The most common type of insulation for accessible lofts is mineral wool insulation. This is generally supplied in rolls of quilt that can be simply rolled out, creating an effective thermal barrier.

Once installed, make sure you do not squash the insulation in the loft as this will reduce its thermal performance by over 50%. If you are planning on using your loft for storage or require access to equipment located in the loft then a raised boarded area will need to be constructed. Products such as Loft Legs will help simplify this process and ensure the insulation is working correctly.

Raised storage area over insulation with Loft Legs

The Main Benefits of Loft Insulation

Now that we've broken down the process of loft insulation, let's delve into the benefits of having it in your house. 

1. Preventing Heat Loss

A quarter of an uninsulated homes heat is lost through its roof. 

The whole aim of insulating your loft is to minimise this heat loss by creating a thermal barrier,  preventing heat from rising and disappearing through your roof. 

By installing loft insulation, you can expect a 25% reduction in heat loss. This will ensure that your home will be warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. 

2. Saving on Bills

Loft insulation can help you save up to £110 each year on a consistent basis. This directly applies to your energy bills. And with loft insulation have a life span of over 40 years it will pay for itself many times over.

In addition, keep in mind that you can get a government or energy company grant that can signifcantly reduce the cost of installing loft insulation, in some cases this may cover the full cost of the project.   

3. Becoming More Environmentally-Friendly

One of the great perks of cutting down on your energy use is the reduction of carbon dioxide. 

In short, your home's carbon footprint will be greatly reduced, making your home much more environmentally-friendly than it was before.  The Energy Saving Trust suggest this can be between 550Kg and 1030Kg of Carbon Dioxide savings each year depending on the size and contruction of the house.

4. Noise Reduction

In general, home insulation can provide some relief from noise pollution and reduce the amount of noise that makes it into your home. 

Once your loft is properly insulated, you should be able to notice a reduction in the outside noise, especially when it comes to the upper floor of your house.


5. Increase in Your Home's Value

An automatic boon of your loft's insulation is a higher rating for your home's Energy Performance Certificate. 

As it were, having a higher rating will help improve your home's value and its saleability. 

Unlocking Loft Insulation

Now that you've learnt all about the benefits that loft insulation can bring to your wallet and sustainability efforts, you're in a much better place to get it done. 

You might want to check out our FAQs for more information on how to set up your loft space, as well as how to insulate it correctly. 

Moreover, you can contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. 


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