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Loft Leg Win BUILD 2022 Design & Build Awards

Company News

Loft Leg Ltd. have been awarded the Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Innovative Loft Storage Products, 2022 at the Design & Build Awards.

Loft Leg design and manufacture a unique range of products that allow homeowners to use their lofts for storage while maintaining energy efficiencies of their insulation.

The products include raised loft boarding solutions (Loft Leg & Loft Leg XL), loft lighting solutions (Loft Lid, Loft Light, Loft Bulb), and loft shelving solutions (Loft Ledge).

Established in 2012 Loft Leg Ltd. have been creating innovative products for over 10 years and have enabled hundreds of thousands of homeowners to create a warm home and a useful loft.

For more information, and loft insulation and storage advice visit us at


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